Architecture of Embodiment: an aesthetic research dispositive will take place from October 7th to 15th, as the closing event of this research environment. This event will involve the following parts:

A lecture by Alex Arteaga presenting final research results (October 7th, 6.30 pm).

A non-public workshop with the participation of Mika Elo, Anna Garcia Varas, Lidia Gasperoni, Jonathan Hale, Susanne Hauser, Dieter Mersch, and Gerard Vilar.

The public presentation of an aesthetic research dispositive configured by the outcomes of the main sub-projects developed in the last three years (October 8th to 15th, opening: October 7th, 8 pm).

The whole event will take place at ANCB (Berlin)

Archietcture of Embodiment: an aesthetic research dispositive_poster