In the lecture Destabilizing meaning: Aesthetic Writing as Enabling Condition for the Emergence  of Knowledge in Context of Artistic Research given on April 28, 2016 in the framework of the International Conference on Artistic Research “Writing as Practice / Practice as Writing” (The Hague) Alex Arteaga presented a writing practice – “aesthetic writing” – clarifying its conceptual premises, its structure and its performance in relation to other aesthetic practices in the context of artistic research. “Aesthetic writing” is an aesthetic practice in the medium of writing language, which actualizes the “expressive” (Merleau-Ponty) potential of this medium not to fix a concrete meaning but, firstly, to destabilize a previously configured one and, secondly, to allow the emergence of new ones through participating in a “constellation” (Mersch) of aesthetic practices. Arteaga exemplified this practice with two essays he wrote in the research cell transient senses.


Conference “Writing as Practice / Practice as Writing”