Klangumwelt Ernst-Reuter-Platz: a project of the Auditory Architecture Research Unit is a new book edited by Alex Arteaga, Gunnar Green, and Boris Hassenstein, designed by Gunnar Green, and published by Errant Bodies (Surface Tension Supplement No. 7).

The term “Klangumwelt” can be translated as “aural environment” or, better, “aural surrounding world”. It stands for a radically embodied, situated, and non-representationalist research on the relationships between aural activity and environment. This concept has been developed at the Auditory Architecture Research Unit (Berlin University of the Arts) based on an enactive approach to cognition.
This book presents proposals for the transformation of Ernst-Reuter-Platz, a city square in Berlin. They are the results of a process of auditory artistic research and design developed according to this new approach.