Architecture of Embodiment

Architecture of Embodiment: an Aesthetic Research Dispositive

Architecture of Embodiment: an aesthetic research dispositive was the research cell that closed the first phase of Architecture of Embodiment. It took place from October 7 to 15, 2016 at the Aedes Network Campus Berlin.

This research cell included a public lecture, an exhibition and a workshop. The lecture summarized the research results of the whole project. Its German translation was published in the Internationales Jahrbuch der Medienphilosophie as Architektur der Verkörperung – Umwelt, Sinn, Ästhetik.

The exhibition was not conceived as a show, but rather as a research medium or constellation—an aesthetic research dispositive—composed of aesthetic artifacts produced by different research cells, including transient senses, emerging environments. Tabacalera, near(ly) sounds. Bauhausgebäude and two new cells whose object of research was the space of exhibition and its urban surroundings: emerging environments. ANCB and near(ly) sounds. ANCB.

The non-public, two-day workshop with the participation of Sabine Ammon, Mika Elo, Anna Garcia Varas, Lidia Gasperoni, Jonathan Hale, Susanne Hauser, Dieter Mersch, and Gerard Vilar, was thought of as a space of reflection on the topics of Architecture of Embodiment.

The workshop participants were asked to perform this process of reflection not about but in and with the research dispositive exposed in the same spaces, in which the workshop took place. A collective book—Architectures of Embodiment: disclosing fields of intelligibility (in press)—was born from this workshop and further developed in two subsequent meetings at the Zurich University of the Arts (May and 4, 2017) and in Barcelona at La Virreina. Centre de la Imatge (May 22 and 23, 2018).

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